Water is involved in a multiform variety of environmental processes, many of which are of paramount importance to mankind. Our research aims to study the interactions between water and environment from a fluid dynamic perspective. Through a quantitative model-based approach, we face problems which range from theoretical fluid mechanics to ecology, from geomorphology to water-related complex networks, from water quality to phase-change systems.

<span style=\"font-size: 12pt;\">Fluid-induced patterns on speleothems</span>
     <span style=\"font-size: 12pt;\">Hyporheic exchange of nutrients</span>
<span style=\"font-size: 12pt;\">Meandering rivers</span>
<span style=\"font-size: 12pt;\">Kelvin-Helmoltz instability                                               Free turbulence</span>
<span style=\"font-size: 12pt;\">Leonardian fluid mechanics</span>
<span style=\"font-size: 12pt;\">Icecicles                                                                          Giant dunes</span>
<span style=\"font-size: 12pt;\">Fingering                                                                            Networks</span>
<span style=\"font-size: 12pt;\">Hydraulics and garden restoration</span>
Fluid-induced patterns on speleothems


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