Luca Ridolfi


Full Professor

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Politecnico di Torino
Department of Envronmental, Land and Infrastructure Engineering Duca degli Abruzzi, 2410129, Torino, Italy

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Full Professor of Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics since 2002
Head of the Department of Hydraulics, Transports and Civil Infrastructures in the period 2001-2010
Coordinator of the PhD School in Hydraulic Engineering
Member of executive board of the Italian Hydraulics Group in the period 2004-2008
Member of the Science Academy of Turin (founded by Lagrange in 1757)

Visiting Professor in the Texas A&M University and Princeton University.

He teached courses in Hydraulics, Fluid Mechanics, Hydrology, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Water Resources Management, and Hydraulic Measures.

Research interests:
River mechanics: sediment dynamics and river morphodynamics (dunes, meanders and braided rivers); chemical dynamics; river-aquifer interactions; hyporheic fluxes; interactions with riparian vegetation.
Environmental morphodynamics: dynamics of deformable surfaces; erosion/sedimentation processes (e.g. rivers), freezing/melting processes (glacial shapes), solution/precipitation processes (karsic speleo-thems).  
Eco-hydrology/eco-hydraulics: soil moisture stochastic dynamics in semi-arid and groundwater-dependent environments; climate-soil-vegetation interactions; dynamics of vegetation water stress; chemical zonation of river beds induced by hyporheic exchanges; riparian vegetation dynamics; fire- and water-induced vegetation patterning.
Stochastic processes: analytical methods for ODEs forced by dichotomous, white shote and Gaussian noises; temporal and spatiotemporal noise-induced phenomena. Crossing properties of stochastic processes.
Water distribution systems: mathematical methods for inverse problems (pollution sources); optimization methods (cloration and pumping); network management.
Water-Agriculture: dynamics of chemicals in rice paddy soils; metanogenesis processes in paddy rice soils.
Virtual water trade: mathematical models of virtual water trade; water footprint; complex network analysis; community structure; analysis of the human migration network.
Hemodynamics: zero- and one-dimensional models of the arterial tree; fluid dynamical models of hyperthension.
Nonlinear time series analysis: nonlinear (probabilistic) forecast of hydrological time series; chaos in hydrological time sequences.

Selected works


Ridolfi L., D’Odorico P. Laio F. (2011), Noise-Induced Phenomena in the Environmental Sciences, Cambridge University Press, New York (USA). ISBN 978-0-521-19818-9.

Bellomo N., Lodz B., Revelli R., Ridolfi L. (2008), Generalized Collocation Methods: Solutions to Nonlinear Problems, Birkhauser, Boston (USA), ISBN 9780817645250.

Recent Articles

Butera I.; Boano F.; Revelli R.; Ridolfi L. (2012) Recovering the release hystory of a pollutant intrusion into a water supply system through a geostatistical approach, J. Water Res. Pl. - ASCE, in press

Camporeale C, Ridolfi L. (2012), Ice ripple formation at large Reynolds numbers, J. Fluid Mech., 694, 225-251.

Bardini L.; Boano F.; Cardenas M. B.; Revelli R.; Ridolfi L. (2012) Nutrient cycling in bedform induced hyporheic zones, Geochim. Cosmochim. Ac. 84, 47-61

D'Odorico P., Laio F., Ridolfi L. (2012) Noise-sustained fluctuations in stochastic dynamics with a delay, Phys. Rev. E, 85, 041106.

Carr J., D'Odorico P., Laio F., Ridolfi L. (2012) On the temporal variability of the virtual water network, Geoph. Rev. Letts.,

Camporeale C., Canuto C., Ridolfi L. (2012) A spectral approach for the stability analysis of trbulent open-channel flos over granular beds, Theor. Comp. Fluid Dyn., 26 (1), 51-80.

Tamea S., Laio F., Ridolfi L., Rodriguez-Iturbe I. (2011) Crossing properties for geophysical systems forced by Poisson noise, Geoph. Res. Letts., 38, L18404. 

Camporeale C., Ridolfi L. (2011) Modal versus nonmodal linear stability analysis of river dunes, Phys. Fluids, 23, 104102.

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