Stefania Tamea



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Stefania Tamea

Born in 1978, she graduated summa cum laudae in Civil Engineering and earned the Ph.D. at the Politecnico di Torino in February 2007 with a thesis about the probabilistic prediction of river flows.

She has been Visiting Research Specialist at the Princeton University (Princeton, NJ, USA) working with Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe on stochastic models of wetland ecohydrology. Currently she is a post-doc researcher at the Politecnico di Torino.

She is author of 12 papers in peer reviewed journals with more than 100 net citations and H-index=7 (as of June 2012). She is referee for several international journals and she has been convener of some sessions at the European Geoscience Union Meetings.

Research interests:

- Ecohydrology of wetlands and groundwater-dependent ecosystems.
- Interactions between rainfall, vegetation, soil moisture and water table.
- Technologies and turbines for small hydropower plants.
- Probabilistic predictions of river flow time series.
Politecnico di Torino
Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering Duca degli Abruzzi, 24, 10129, Torino, Italy

Selected papers

Tamea S., Laio F., Ridolfi L., Rodriguez-Iturbe I., Crossing properties for geophysical systems forced by Poisson noise, Geophysical Research Letters, 38, L18404, 2011;

Tamea S., Muneepeerakul R., Laio F., Ridolfi L., Rodriguez-Iturbe I., Stochastic description of water table fluctuations in wetlands, Geophysical Research Letters, 37, L06403, 2010;

Laio F., Tamea S., Ridolfi L., D’Odorico P., Rodriguez-Iturbe I., Ecohydrology of groundwater-dependent ecosystems 1: Stochastic water table dynamics, Water Resources Research, 45, W05419, 2009;

Laio F., Tamea S., Verification tools for probabilistic forecasts of continuous hydrological variables, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 11: 1267–1277, 2007;

Tamea S., Laio F., Ridolfi L., Probabilistic nonlinear prediction of river flows, Water Resources Research, 41, W09421, 2005.

Tel: (39)-(0)11-0905670
Fax: (39)-(0)11-0905698
Research activity