Hydraulics and gardens restoration

 More information: Roberto Revelli
simulation The creation, preservation and restoration of historical gardens depend to a great extent on the exploitation model (i.e. the availability) of the natural resources that are adopted in the surrounding territories. Water is undoubtedly the most precious resource for a garden, in virtue of its indispensability to plant life and to water features and fountains. Therefore, a lack of good quality water (a typical hydraulic problem) is not a favourable condition for the preservation of historical gardens, and sometimes leads to a complete loss of the original identity of these sites. The aim of the research is therefore to focus on the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to the complex problem of restoration and conservation of water features in historical gardens.

The research started with the contribution of hydraulic engineering to the restoration of the Racconigi Royal Park waterway system (40 km south of Turin, Italy) and to the masterplan of the Ducal Palace of Agliè (30 km north of Turin, Agliè). 

It also lead to the publication of a multidisciplinary book on this subject, together with prof. Maria Adriana Giusti, Scienza idraulica e restauro dei giardini (in Italian). 
Simulation of water volocity in the restored canal network of Racconigi Royal Park