Hydropower systems

Hydropower is power derived from the energy of falling water, which may be exploited for useful purposes: irrigation, domestic lift, watermills, electicity production … Hydropower is probably one of the world’s largest source of renewable energy and it assumes an important role in the contest of climate change and clean energy production.
Hydropower is an energy source that makes it possible to produce electricity without using fossil fuels, and is subsequently not part of the emissions caused by electricity production in coal, oil, or gas fired power plants.
  • Flexibility
  • Low power costs
  • Suitability for industrial applications
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Other uses of the reservoir
  • Ecosystem damage and loss of land
  • Siltation and flow shortage
  • Methane emissions (from reservoirs)
  • Relocation
  • Failure risks

Research Topics 

Bioenerwater immagine 2

Technological innovation for bulkheads for water jump
Water wheel scrap

ORME: Optimization of tecnical components and energy efficiency on watermill

TURNING POINT: Optimization of tecnical components for hydropower production

RENERFOR Assesment of small hydropower production in North Western Italy