Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics is one of the cornerstone of applied mathematics, and over the last centuries has been one of the most fascinating and stimulating topic for physicist, mathematicians and engineers.
The interest of this topic is crucial nowadays: among many important results (often obtained after extenuating effort), many fundamental questions are still unsolved.
The main reasons of such difficulties derives from the strong non-linearities of the motion equations as well as from the turbulence: the main character of the surprising variety of behavior played by fluids and permeating in almost the totality of the fluid-related phenomena.
The complexity of the problem keep alive the scientific and theoretical interest about the fundamental questions of fluid mechanics, in which the conceptual charm and appeal of the problem itself always meet important technological advances.
In particular, our research group deals with the structure of turbulence of fluid flowing over complex surfaces (for instance porous media or vegetated surfaces), the nonlinear dynamics of waves,  hydrodynamic and morphological instabilities, turbulent diffusion and dispersion.  Due to the  complexity of the subject, refined methods and techniques are finally required for numerically solve the problem and gain its physical insight.


Research topics

Boundary layers over
permeable flows
geophysical patterns
McDonald 1974